Support Groups

At Hope Through Birth, our desire is that you will find healing in your pain, a way to honor your precious baby, support in your community, and understanding through our empathy. We recognize that this isn’t a “club” anyone wants to be apart of, but we want you to know that we are an organization that wants to walk along side you through every step of your journey.

This support meeting is peer lead, and we are a mothers who have experienced the loss of our babies. Between our group leaders, we have 18 combined years of being a grieving mothers. We have walked this journey, and we want to provide a place for you to come and gain support.

Pregnancy and infant loss can be devastating and isolating. It has been proven that ensuring that you have a core community of support surrounding you that it enhances your ability to process your grief better. We never claim to have all the answers, but we do promise to be that supportive family that you need. We do promise to walk into the darkest days of your life. And, we do promise to meet you exactly where you are on this journey.

Services that we provide:
We offer love, support, and compassion through birth and bereavement doula services,  access to local resources, support groups, work shops, and memorial events.

Types of Support Available:

* Both mom and dad individual support
*Couples support
*Sibling/subsequent child support
*Pregnancy after loss support

COMING SOON–Bereavement Counseling!!

It is our hope that we can help you build your babies legacy through your grief journey. Life after loss can difficult and exhausting, but it is also a life that can be blessed and valued. The life of your baby, no matter the gestational age, is important. We believe your babies lives have meaning and purpose.